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nos. >> president chiu: that second part of the ordinance is passed and the ordinance is passed on the first reading. colleagues why don't we head to our next item, item 19. >> clerk calvillo: item 19 an ordinance amending the administrative code to extend the sunset date of the public utilities revenue bond oversight committee to january 1, 2016. >> president chiu: roll call vote. >> clerk calvillo: on item 19, supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: the ordinance is passed on first reading. colleagues, before we go to new business, i've been reminded it is 3:30, i'd like to move to 3:30 special commendations.
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we have several. i'd like to ask supervisor mar to present first. >> supervisor mar: thank you, president chu. colleagues, we have a 90-year-old san francisco institution that i'd like to commend today, and cynthia huey is here from the clement street merchants association, if she could come forward. i'm just very proud to work so closely with the clement street merchant association celebrating their 90th year this year. it's an organization that's been working hard to revitalize the richmond district, especially in the past few months as new leadership has emerged. the clement merchants association represents diverse businesses from a variety of cultural backgrounds that makes clement street stand out from other commercial districts. it's one of the most diverse places. i moved there in 1984 to second avenue and clement. it was considered the new
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chinatown but it's so much more than that. it's a gateway for many different types of newcomers but also businesses. this year, the clement street merchants celebrate their 90th year of outstanding service to the small business community to the whole city. and the roster is growing of many different businesses from cynthia huey's feed store, a great vintage clothing store, to park life gallery, to green apple bookstore, one of the last remaining independent bookstores in our whole city, and where you'll find me browsing in the used book section upstairs often, or my daughter in the children's section as well. i know -- isn't here but tremendous leadership from foggy notion with anderson on 6th avenue to kisha studios and many others. i wanted to say in the past few
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months my office has been working closely with cynthia and jamie alexander from park life as well to reinvigorate the merchants association with long time leaders like jesse fink, but to bring more visitors to clement street as one of the city's destination spots. one of the great examples of events that's coming up with clement time in about 48 hours we're going to be celebrating from 5:00 to 9:00 clement time which brings many new people to the richmond district on clement street but also highlights the great businesses and the liveliness of our neighborhood in the richmond district. so i'll just say that a lot of the work that cynthia and clement street merchants bring are really keeping our neighborhood livable such as streetscape improvements and working with department of public works keeping it clean and livable.
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they see bigger issues also about really the understanding of the impacts of chain stores, but also how small businesses really are the backbone of our neighborhood. and support for businesses that are facing ada or accessibility lawsuits and other things is really important with legal assistance. but also merchants supporting other merchants as well. i'll just say that clement time is one of these events on thursday that brings it all together as we celebrate our neighborhood, but also others come to visit clement street and the richmond district. so i invite everyone to clement time this thursday from 5:00 to 8:00. for these accomplish mtion and timetablely increasing the vibrancy of the richmond district and the city, the board of supervisors, through kind of our commendation extends this appreciation. here to accept the commendation is cynthia huey from the feed
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store and the clement street merchants. >> thank you very much, supervisor, for helping us organize, and really execute on the vision that we had for what we hope to be one of-d you know, one of the best places in the city to live and work, and be. and i've had -- i really appreciate all the work that you've done with us, and i appreciate the time that you've spent listening to a lot of our needs and a lot of our wants from the neighborhood. and, you know, jesse's not here but i appreciate the work that jesse's had -- that he's been doing and the fact that he's really willing to work with us, and for all of us to be able to fulfill the dream of being more inclusive. and i'm looking forward to really great 2013 and beyond. so thank you very much. >> supervisor mar: thank you for being the initiator of clement time last year with jamie alexander and others.
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thank you for your leadership. thank you so much, cynthia. >> thanks a lot. >> president chiu: thank you, supervisor mar. our next commendation will be provided by supervisor elsbernd. >> supervisor elsbernd: thank you, mr. president. it's my pleasure to provide a commendation certificate of honor to a constituent of mine, mr. joeie moore. not often i do these. i actually can't think of the last time i've done one of these outside of our typical rotations. but when i heard what joey did a month ago, it absolutely warranted this small token of our appreciation. it's not often that you hear about acts of heroism and
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courage and when you do it should be distinguished with a moment like this, not only to recognize his great work but also to encourage some of our other citizens to every now and then take action on the behalf of their fellow citizens. so i think it was november 8, november 9, evening, up in monterey heights, there was a fire in a home, single family home up there. as i understand it, joey was out walking his dog, and no one else saw the fire, no one else took notice of it, including the people who lived in the home. and he took it upon himself to knock on the door, yell and scream, get folks out, and then on top of that call 911, and then on top of that get some of the neighbors in the nearby houses. and this was a fire that ended up really blown up, not only the single family home that it started in, but some of the next door neighbors. and it was entirely joey's individual heroism that not only saved the folks in the home but
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also the nearby neighbor and he did all this on his own with his dog. and it was his act that saved lives. it was his act that saved the fire by calling 911. who knows how long it would have taken to call if it wasn't him. no one else had noticed what had happened and his quick response saved lives, saved property, and is a true act of heroism and courage. on behalf of the board of supervisors i just want to say thank you, commend you, and really wish you all the best. thank you, joey. we have before you get to come up, sit next to you is our fire chief, joanne hayes-white. i wanted to give her a chance to say something to you before you get your chance. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. sorry my back is to you joe. but i wanted to echo what supervisor elsbernd said. we did have a fire on 42 fernwood on the evening of november 8. i was out of town on a field
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trip with my son but it was quite a fire. it was in a vacant house which a lot of times will go unnoticed, as supervisor elsbernd said. it did for a little bit of time. if it wasn't for joe notifying 911, it could have gotten much worse. it did travel to a second alarm but this is exactly the type of citizen and community member we want to acknowledge and honor. he could have just walked by, maybe called 911, but he made a difference by ringing door bells and alerting the neighborhood. our hat is off to you. i don't know if you're interesting in a career in the fire service at some point but supervisor elsbernd and i have something for you. so why don't you come on up. >> well, just thanks to supervisor elsbernd, fire chief hayes-white and i guess most importantly the firefighters who actually responded. they got there really fast and got the fire under control. who knows what would have happened if they hadn't done
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that. so thank you. >> [applause.] >> president chiu: thank you, supervisor elsbernd. our final commendation will be provided by district 10 colleague, supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. i am very excited to present two types of awards. first i have a proclamation acknowledging the special contributions of the guardian angel. and then i have a special recognition for mr. freddie batres, mr. joe saucedo, and jerry longoria. will all of you please come up to the podium.
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thank you, for being here. thank you for allowing me to have opportunity to present to you this proclamation. this is very exciting. i've got a few whereas clauses i will read on your behalf, as i read it into the record. whereas the guardian angels was founded in 1979 as a voluntary weapon-free patrol of citizens dedicated to combat crime and violence in new york city subway streets and neighborhoods, whereas the guardian angels now have more than 130 chapters in 17 countries, and 144 cities worldwide, including san francisco, whereas the guardian angel's goal is to motivate citizens torques promote public safety through programs focused on personal safety, neighborhood safety, and cyberspace safety and civility. whereas the guardian angels
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strive to assist children and youth in developing self-esteem catastrophe dance and pride through positive commitment and contributions to society. whereas the guardian angels partner with education, business, cultural and religious institutions, therefore be it resolved that this proclamation is in recognition of the guardian angels and their dedicated volunteer service to improving the quality of life for all of san francisco residents. thank you very much for being here today and accepting this award. i have a few colleagues that would like opportunity to also publicly thank you. >> i just wanted -- i work with jerry longoria for a number of years. we work on issues that affected single room occupancy hotels and land use. during the mission anti-displacement coalition days and working on 6th street. i want to thank you for your work. i think you've done some great -- really your contribution to the
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neighborhood, whether it's 6th street or the mission or the tenderloin, or wherever you are, it's just very, very positive. so i want to thank you for all of your efforts, in improving lives, and just being the eyes on the streets for the neighborhoods, and just being -- having a showing a real positive example to everyone. so thank you for all of your efforts. >> absolutely, i second that. give you an opportunity to say a few words. >> yes. thank you so much, city of san francisco. we are very honored. we are thankful. and we volunteer our services. we've been around since 1984 in san francisco. and we have patroled the streets from tenderloin to mission to haight. and we're going to continue to do that. we're going to continue to deter crime. we're a safety patrol so we work with the communities. and we've got some great guys. we've got some good people here. they volunteer their time.
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whenever, rain or shine, and we're on the streets. and we work with everybody, and we're very thankful that our organization has continued to strive to help the communities, to help the families, to help those who -- that have, you know, situations where we're able to help anybody that comes into san francisco, tourists. we give out fliers to let them know that -- just to keep an eye, to keep an eye and deter anything that comes around them, you know, we help them out regarding any kind of deterrent safety. >> great. thank you for your service. >> [applause.]
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>> [applause.] >> president chiu: that concludes our special commendations for today. madam clerk, why don't we go back to our new business, item 20. >> clerk calvillo: item 20, a resolution authorizing the
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extension of a lease office space at 1380 howard street for use by the department of public health, community behavioral health service division. >> president chiu: colleagues, let's take a roll call vote. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen, absent. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> president chiu: the resolution is adopted. next item, item 20. >> clerk calvillo: item 21 is a resolution retroactively authorizing, tension of a lease of real property at 760 hairsson street for department of public health with the court family living trust at a monthly rate ofjpgñ 25,350. >> president chiu: colleagues same house same call.
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without objection this resolution is adopted. item 22. >> clerk calvillo: item 22 resolution approval the site leases between singular wierltsdz, sprint, verizon and the city retroactive to july 1, 2009 with a term of five years approving amendment 1 with a base annual rent of 350,000 to be increaseddable by by 25,000. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this resolution is adopted. >> clerk calvillo: item 23, resolution finding the proposed rehabilitation of the 20th street historic buildings on or near 20th street east of illinois street as fiscally feasible and further endorsing the term sheet between -- development inc. and the san francisco port commission. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this resolution is adopted. >> the clerk: item 24 resolution approving third amendment between department of public health and medimpact
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contract to 17.5 million. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this resolution is adopted(c) item 25 resolution approving with new flyer of america to purchase low floor diesel hybrid buses and total contract amount of approximately 48.6 million. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this resolution is adopted. next item. >> clerk calvillo: item 26, resolution retroactively authorizing recreation and park department to accept and expend a grant not to exceed 280,000 from the san francisco parks alliance towards seven community projects funded with community opportunity fund dollars for the period of may 1, 2012 through jan 1, 2013. >> president chiu: same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. >> clerk calvillo: item 27, resolution determining that the issuance of a type 42 on sale beer and wine public premises license for -- llc located at 748 -- avenue will serve the public convenience. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this resolution is
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adopted. >> the clerk: item 28, resolution determining that the transfer of type 57 special on sale general license from 21004÷ market street to 550 montgomery street to -- with wing tip for wing tip will serve the public convenience. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this resolution is adopted. item 29. >> clerk calvillo: item 29 is a resolution determining that the transfer of a type 64 special on sale general theater license from 533 -- street to 450 polk street to suzie -- for the san francisco play house will serve the public convenience. >> president chiu: same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. next item. >> the clerk: item 30 resolution containing findings and recommendations of the 2011-2012 civil grand jury report entitled investment policies and practices of the employees requirement system and urminging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his or her department heads and through development of thible budget 3-6r789sz same
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house, same call, the resolution is adopted. >> clerk calvillo: item 31 resolution adopting the park and rec general manager to enter into a lease for operation of the marina degaussing station for a term of 10 years. >> president chiu: supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: thank you. colleagues i'm going to make a motion to send this item back to committee. after talking with our rec and park department and a number of our neighbors that have been outreaching to my office, i know to a number of you as well, and also to our planning department regarding ceqa, i want to send this back to committee for two reasons, one to get the ceqa issues resolved and put to bet but also to give the rec and park department to have opportunity to reach out to those who haven't had their voice heard. i look forward to working with our neighbors in the neighborhood, in the district to make sure their questions are answered 57answered and hopefule
4:51 am
issues resolved. >> president chiu: supervisor farrell made a motion to rerefer to committee, seconded by supervisor campos. if we can take that without objection this item will be sent back to committee. >> clerk calvillo: item 32 an ordinance commemorating stock ston street sidewalk pursuant as to the commemorative street plaque ordinance accepting a plaque in honor of jack early as a gift to the city waiving permit fees. >> president chiu: same house, same call, without objection this ordinance is passed on the first read. >> clerk calvillo: item 33, a resolution urging the metropolitan transportation commission to strengthen the privacy policies of personnel information of the clipper card program. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: thank you. colleagues, this item we just had a committee hearing on. it wasn't a resolution i wanted to have -- but i want discussion with the mtc and i feel confident that they will be making recommendations to their board about how to make sure
4:52 am
that clipper cards will be more private and i feel that we were able to accomplish what we needed to with this resolution. i'm still -- have a vote for it but just wanted to state that i believe we carried out the intention of getting some privacy restriction on these cards. >> president chiu: thank you, supervisor. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. item 34. >> clerk calvillo: item 34 is a motion amending the board of supervisors rules of order in their entirety to correct clerical corrections, proper placement of sections and additional updates. >> president chiu: same house, same call. without objection, this motion is approved. item 35. >> clerk calvillo: item 35 is a motion approving mayor's appointment of daryl honda to board of appeals ending july 21, 2016. >> president chiu: same house, same call, this item is
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approved. item 36 was not forwarded from committee. why don't we go to roll call for introduction. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor mar, you are first on roll call for introductions. >> supervisor mar: thank you. i just have a couple of quick items first of all, one of our hundred-year-old neighborhood theaters is celebratingw< this evening, and the san francisco neighborhood theater foundation is recognizing 100 years of the boat theater. that's that theater on sacramento street, right at presidio avenue. but they're celebrating 100 years of one of our incredible neighborhood theaters. but the neighborhood theater foundation also runs the balboa theater in my district and outer richmond. the babble theater is holding on saturday balboa theater day, it's a family friendly event with face painting, cartoons and they're showing the film rise of the guardian. they're also showing i believe
4:54 am
life of pi is showing there as well, a great movie, the amazing film as well. also, i will be there at the theater, at noon, where we will be watching restroomin rememberd at the beach, history of the the richmond district. it features many historical photographs and testimony of people who remember playland at the beach. following that movie is the second film called sutros the palace at land's end with the sutro path area also that used to house the large indoor swimming pools and beloved sounding attractions like the mechanical museum. join me on december 4. if you want more information about historic neighborhood theaters and the theater foundation go to and join me in supporting our
4:55 am
theaters. join us on thursday in about 48 hours for clement time between arguello and funston. lots of great activities and a couple of food trucks will be out in front of green apple and foggy notion. join us for great food, music, free stuff, and a lot of fun. the rest i'll submit. >> clerk calvillo: thank you. president chiu. >> president chiu: thank you. colleagues, first of all i have two in memoriams for today. first i want to recognize the passing of a devoted officer on our san francisco police department, officer philip welsh. he graduated from st. ignatious and uc berkeley and served our city for 18 years. most recently he covered the beat in my district in north beach where he worked closely with our district residents and community members to ensure public safety in our neighborhoods. among his colleagues, as anyone who interacted with him would know he was known as a very
4:56 am
friendly face, voice and protector of our community. i want to recognize officer welsh for his work in protecting our residents and express deep condolences to his family, particularly his children. he will be remember by colleagues and community or his service. i also want to recognize the passing of a friend and a fellow public servant, teresa burke. for the last decade she served as an analyst at the public utilities commission in addition to her work on complicated legislation she was greatly respected by her colleagues for her work advocating consumer interest in securing grant opportunities for new initiatives and serving as the departmental liaison on climate change before her work at the puc. she served as an analyst for the department of public works. i knew teresa not only as a woman who is deeply committed to serving the public but as a friend and i think many of us who are active in public life knew her.
4:57 am
she would be dearly missed by many of us here at city hall. i have one additional item. today i will be introducing a supplemental appropriations for domestic violence. recent data has shown that the demand for city departments and our nonprofits for domestic violence assistance has increased significantly, steadily, while funding for such services has stayed at best flat or decreased. in the most recent report on domestic violence put out by our city over the last one year period documented by that report we have seen as a city 47% more calls to domestic violence hot lines, 29% more beds needed at shelters, 17% more convicted batters by our adult probation and 200% increase in child support cases involving family violence. within our district attorney's office the numbers are more severe. increase in the number of cases an extremely underresourced case
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load. over the last two year period, the case load per month has increased double. the number of trials that have been prosecuted have increased by a third. the san francisco felony case load is 67% higher than the case load in san mateo county, 150% higher than the case load in santa clara and 233% higher than the case load in alameda county. the supplemental that i appear proposing is a 750,000 amount with a focus on domestic violence victims, calling for additional staffing with the district attorney's office, with more prosecutors, investigators, and in particular victim advocates, with additional funding for community providers of civil legal services for domestic violence victims to help such victims get restraining orders, his child custody, and immigration assistance. funding for domestic violence public awareness campaign and the the restoration of a
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previously eliminated domestic violence policy analyst position who had been, until recently, the only city staff position devoted -- focused on domestic violence. colleagues, as we all know over the past year we've had significant public discourse on domestic violence, but despite the recent controversy, everyone agrees that we need to do more to protect and bolster our safety net for our domestic violence victims from our mayor, our district attorney, our sheriff and our colleagues. im4 p want to thank supervisors cohen, kim and mar for their early cosponsorship and i also understand that supervisors wiener, farrell and avalos will also be supporting. the rest of my items i will submit. >> the clerk: thank you. supervisor elsbernd. >> supervisor elsbernd: thank you, madam clerk. i have two in memoriams today. the first, the mother-in-law for our on again,

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